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Everyone’s experience is different and that makes your voice unique and valuable. There are many ways to participate in the process.

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Steps you can take 

  • Find your local Legislators: In California, State legislators make many decisions that impact the lives of individuals with disabilities. Interacting with our local legislators helps them know what issues are important to you. Legislators participate in many community events where they ask for input from the community and they need to hear from the disability community. Whether keeping track online or reaching out in-person, it is important to know who your local legislators are.  Check out this link and enter your address to find your California State legislators:
  • Sign up for newsletters from your legislators by visiting their website and signing up
  • Learn about local community events near you: (link to events page) – not sure this will work as events change too quickly
  • Sign up for our newsletter (link to sign up)
  • Learn about new voting changes in LA County that make voting more accessible than ever! (
  • Register to vote:
  • Vote.  Your voice counts!

We Want to Hear From You

What are the concerns impacting your life? How can we better advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities? What are the legislative issues impacting service providers?

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