We provide legislative education aimed at informing the disability community regarding legislation that impacts their lives and how they can advocate for policies that support their full participation in the community. Our workshops create an exciting opportunity for individuals to learn advocacy skills they can use to take action in their lives. After attending our trainings participants will be able to share their knowledge within their circle of influence and disseminate critical information throughout the community.

Education for the Community

Our trainings and resources are custom-designed to help self-advocates and family members participate in the legislative process on various levels. Workshops teach participants how legislation impacts the services and supports they receive and simple actions they can take to have their voice heard. Come to a training and learn how legislation impacts the developmental disability community and how you can take action to make a difference!

  Learn about:

    • Voting: Changes in the voting system in Los Angeles that increase accessibility and voting resources
    • Legislators: Find out who your local decision makers are and how to contact them
    • Relevant Legislation and the Legislative Process: Current proposed legislation and when to take action
    • Networking: Develop meaningful and effective relationships with legislators and gain their support
    • Community events: Connect with other advocates, legislators, and utilize community resources

Education for Service Providers

We provide professional education for service providers help our network stay engaged with up-to-date information on how and when to take action. We want to ensure that the services and supports needed by the disability community to thrive are available. We keep up to date on legislation that impacts individuals with developmental disabilities and the businesses that support them. Our trainings for service providers teach providers how to get involved in the legislative process to protect the Lanterman Act in California and ensure that legislative policies support service providers. We share pertinent updates to service providers on legislation that impacts your business.


    • Current issues
    • Proposed or enacted legislation related to our community and its impact
    • Legislative calendar, process, and when to take action
    • Organizations to network and coordinate with to increase influence
    • Strategic approaches to gaining the support of local legislators

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