Community Engagement

We work with the residents, leaders, and organizations in our local community to inform, educate, and advocate on behalf of those with disabilities.

Engagement with Local Officials

Through regular visits with state legislators and local elected officials we share relevant issues with the decision-makers that can positively impact policy change.

We utilize various communication methods to influence policy decisions, including engaging with Legislators, staff, and community leaders and by providing testimony during Senate and Assembly Committees to optimize representation of the disability community.

We also attend local events where elected officials will be present to share information and coordinate with other community members who have also been active in advocacy efforts – expanding our network of influence.

Engagement with Disability Community Organizations

We care about advocacy efforts within the community and with disability community organizations. We are committed to engaging with Disability Rights California (DRC), State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD), and the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (ORCA) to encourage alignment with the goals of the regional center disability community. By acting as a centralized communication hub, we continue to increase this alignment and thus create a more powerful voice and impact on legislation.

Engagement with Wider Community

We actively share information with community leaders regarding issues impacting the disability community to positively impact policies and educate the community about the needs of individuals with disabilities. We attend community meetings to learn about policies and issues that impact the lives of individuals with disabilities and share information to inform the larger community about the needs of the disability community.

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