By influencing legislative decisions and policy that affects the community of individuals with developmental disabilities and family members we are able to implement the Lanterman Act as envisioned. Our legislative advocacy efforts take place both locally and with advocacy trips to the State Capitol.  Engagement with elected officials leads to strong relationships and facilitates their participation in advocacy for our community within legislature.

Legislative Advocacy for the Community

  • Active engagement: We identify issues important to the community and take issues to legislatures
  • Access to the Action: Our program supports facilitation of a small group of interested community members in meeting with state legislators in Sacramento as they begin the second year of their 2-year term – preparing for a successful advocacy year
  • ARCA grassroots visits
  • Group participation attending Assembly or Senate Budget Subcommittee hearings
  • Development of Grassroots teams with representatives from our community to visit our legislators in local offices and engage in discussion sharing our concerns voiced from the community

Legislative Advocacy for Consumer Service Coordinators

  • In order to maximize the effectiveness of advocating not only for our consumers, but for the consumer service coordinators as well, we encourage inclusion of CSC in Government and Community Relations meetings on a monthly basis, followed by in turn sharing this information with the community of Consumer Service Coordinators
  • We encourage inclusion of Consumer Service Coordinators in legislative events and advocacy trips
  • We provide monthly updates to CSC’s as well as scripts shared via email that can in turn be shared with consumers, parents, and other providers so that updates can be shared in a timely manner and increase advocacy momentum by keeping the community up-to-date on advocacy progress and participation/action that can be taken through easy steps to get involved.

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