What We Do

At Pathways to Advocacy our goal is to empower the disability community through legislative education and advocacy. We provide organized advocacy engagement and community education to positively influence legislative decisions that support our commitment to protecting the civil and personal rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Our advocacy engagement and community education projects work to meet the needs of the whole disability community including the non-English speaking community, those representing a range of disabilities, all ages, and in all geographic regions.


Our goal is to protect the promise of the Lanterman Act for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Our Services

Pathways to Advocacy is a service organization that provides individuals with developmental disabilities, service providers, and family members the tools they need to influence legislative decisions and advocate for policies that support their goals.

We also provide community engagement allowing people in our local area to have a voice in Sacramento. We actively work with legislators statewide to advocate for the rights of the entire disability community. We offer resources on self-advocacy, voting, and how to engage with legislators and participate in the legislative process. 

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Advocacy Team

Our community educators seek to support individuals with disabilities, their families, and service providers to have their voice heard. They regularly meet with self-advocates to hear their concerns and provide them the tools they need to have their voices heard and influence policies that impact their lives.

Michelle Heid, MA

Michelle Heid, MA

Director/Community Educator

Raquel Armendariz, M.Ed

Raquel Armendariz, M.Ed

Community Educator

Kleou Rasaei

Kleou Rasaei

M.A. Community Educator

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